What’s Going On, You Guys?

Well, well, well, look who came home. LOL

Yeah, after a billion years, I’m making a presence on my blog.

First life totally jacked me up and took me hostage. Been working on dissertation, been editing clients’ projects, been trying to work on my own writing, and have been busy trying not to go crazy.

I have been in SL, however–loving on my beautiful and talented wifey, working with Unity Productions as we wrapped up performances of The Misfits. We’re about to start work on our next production, the story of Esther. I’m excited about it. Will tell more once I know more.

In addition, I’m slowly getting back into my SL writing with The SL Enquirer. I have two pieces upcoming: an interview with an SL resident about their experience(s) in-world, and an interview with Joshuan Banx, who is putting together the Homeless Awareness Hunt that kicks off next month.

I just published on SLE a press release for my better-half, Earth Nirvana-Charisma’s upcoming hunt, The Best Foot Forward Hunt. Definitely check it out. If you are a vendor, consider participating. If you’re a hunter, be ready to hunt, hunt, hunt!

I plan to come back sooner (than later) and put up posts to let you know what’s going on in my neck of the sluniverse, and to show you some PICS! Y’all know I love pics! In fact, I had to leave you with one (or two). I actually dressed (been wearing the same ‘fit for over a week – LOL) for this pic…because of you…because I love y’all. LOL

Be good. Do good.

The dress [called Pocket Breeze] is by one of my fave designers, Caelia Bellic and her shop, Cae.B.

pic1 pic2 pic3

And a just because…

Episode #20 of To Catch a Cheat Is LIVE!

In episode 20 of To Catch a Cheat, Carter, having not found Vince, gets sexy and heads off to a girls’ night…that leads to her seeing Kenneth. After sharing a sexy dance with him, she winds up home where she gets the shock of her life.

Check out TO CATCH A CHEAT at my “Snack Lit” page!

New Article on SL Dating & Relationships at SL Enquirer

In my latest article for The SL Enquirer, I talked to a few SL citizens about dating and relationships in-world. Come to SLE now to check out “Stories from the SL Dating-Relationship Trenches” to read their stories and get my whole take on the battlefield called SL Love. Perhaps even share YOUR OWN TAKE on SL dating and relationships!

Talking Romantic Hot Spots at SL Enquirer

February is the month of LOVE, and over at SL Enquirer this month, I’m doing short weekly posts that touch upon some aspect of the love felt across the grid!

Today, I’m talking about ROMANTIC HOT SPOTS. Come read about three places that every couple on the grid should check out!

Here’s the link to the article!

Episode #18 of To Catch a Cheat Is LIVE!

In episode 18 of To Catch a Cheat, Carter rushes home, ready to finally have her way with the oh-so-sexy Kenneth, but as she and Kenneth start their sensual exploration, an unexpected guest arrives trying to keep the two apart.

Check out TO CATCH A CHEAT at my “Snack Lit” page!