Latest Piece for SL Enquirer Is LIVE– On SL Experiences

Hey y’all. I have to chuckle. Some days, my Maryland wants to come out of me with a Hey guys, and sometimes: Hey y’all.

I’m bilingual, y’all guys. Ha!

OK, enough of the sillies.

My latest article for The SLE Enquirer is live. When I went through the assignment logs and saw this topic, I knew I had to pick it. Essentially, I had to interview someone about their SL experience. This is one of my favorite things to do, PERIOD, article or no, so it had to go DOWN.

First person I asked was a special girlfriend of mine, Sweetz Fierenza.


She’s the hottie tottie between me and my wifey, Earth.

How special is she? When I see her online, I immediately write: /me stabs stabs

Stabbing is my way of giving her a love-hug. LOL

We’re not right… but we kinda are.

Sweetz had some insightful things to say about her 4.5 years in Second Life. Please… take the time to check out the article and share it! MUAH Thanks in advance! ❤



I interview director Ambrosia Lanley at SL Enquirer

I LOVE when I meet cool people on the grid. Sometimes, it doesn’t even come from actually meeting them, per se. I’ve never seen director, producer, and writer Ambrosia Lanley in the cyber flesh. A notice from a group appeared that mentioned her latest movie’s premiere, and because I love machinima so much and am a budding machinimatographer, I wanted to find out about this premiere. In wanting to learn that piece of information, I talked with Ambrosia a bit and decided I wanted to interview her and check out more of her work.

The interview at SLE is part of that checking out. Come, head over to SLE to read up on this dynamic woman and to learn more about your intriguing movies. You won’t be disappointed!

Here’s the link!