What I’m Working On — AWAY Film Project

I always have my hands in several cookie jars at once, but one project I’m currently working on was kind of birthed through two things: my Cleaning Out My Closet photos for this month and the comment left by my lovely girlfriend.

I love dressing in doll and puppet, and it kind of surprised me that I would go somewhat dark with the pictures I took. My girlfriend Earth talked about the story that seemed to developed of the doll through the pictures, and she was interested in that story. Truth was, I was, too.

The doll in those photos stuck with me, and because of that, AWAY is being birthed.

Away is my next short film, and it’s about Gabriella, a woman who thinks she has found happily ever after, only to find herself swept away to a place where she becomes The Doll for her mate. Although it will be a short piece (thinking less than 10 minutes), I feel like this doll wants to talk more, so who knows where she will go.

The goal is to release the film next month. I’ve already shot some footage and am working on fleshing out dialogue and remaining shots so that I can shoot them and go into editing.

For now, here’s a short trailer to¬†Away.