SLE Spotlight on MOI

Over at one of the longest-running SL publications, The Second Life Enquirer (the place where I write and dabble in management work), our lovely founder and CEO Lanai Jarrico has decided to showcase her minions. hahaha A week or so ago, I saw a slew of questions in my inbox with a request to answer them and submit pictures for a spotlight feature. I quickly answered the questions (and inboxed Lanai to let her know how badly my hands hurt after answering all them questions!) and submitted them with my glamour shots (ha!). Well, after all the answering, the spotlight is up and live! You know you want to know even more about me, LOL, so check it out, leave comments! Here’s the link.

Unity Featured in ICON Magazine!

UNITY was featured in this month’s ICON magazine (vol. 2 issue 9, Sept. 2010)! When in-world, get yourself a copy and check it out! Or find me, and I’ll send a copy! I learned the magazine can be viewed at this [link], too, but the current issue hasn’t been populated yet!