VDAY: Why My Wifey Rocks!

I always hear people talking about how their sweetie is the best one ever. Although I’ve always believed my wifey was the best, I now know without a shadow of a doubt that she’s the best because she gave me a VDay Moment to remember!

What did she have planned?

A hunt! LOL

As a wonderful designer of women’s and men’s wares and women’s jewelry [here’s her blog – check her out!], she’s always participating in hunts, so she decided, what better way to give her girlie things than to make her work for them in a hunt! LOL She even took the time to blog out the info like she’d do for one of her hunts: [HERE]


It started at our home, where she had set up a cute table with chocolates, a pic of us, and champagne, as well as my first note (the big pic) that allowed me to go to her site, read about the hunt, and go on my journey. The journey took me around our home, our work locale, her shop, and then our work area again.


My lovely lovely is a sneaky somebody, so I was like hmmm the whole time. LOL.

Across different locales, Bae had placed ten gifts (some “gifts” had as many at ten gifts inside!). She provided me with hints, and I had to go a-searching.

First stop landed me at my spot, Charisma Productions, where I found a few of a cute double-heart items.


behind the coffee pot


atop a board that links to a short film I directed


behind the slurpee machine at our personal movie theater

Then I was back at our house for a few finds…


beside our cute little bunny


in our shower stall


in our barbecue pit — needless to say, our love burns!

Then after finding several more gifts at Bae’s shop, the last stop landed me here…


All I could do was smile at this…


After finding everything, Bae and I sat with some champagne while I took out the gifts to see what I would be getting!


I am such the lucky girl. Bae is a winner, and I’m so glad I realized that and put a ring on her!


In the end, Bae got me a heap of great things, from jeans and tops to awesome boots, hair, and a crazy headdress!

This is the retro mesh dress she picked up for me!


Needless to say, I’m about to figure out something equally fun and wonderful for her — just because she’s so wonderful!

Bae and I at SLE’s 7th Anniversary Par-Tay

It’s been a LONGGGGGG time since I’ve done anything remotely fun on the grid. What do I mean by fun? Anything that’s NOT associated with the work I do on the grid. When I heard about SL Enquirer‘s White Party, I knew it would be the fun I need– both me and my lady-love. We’re both always on our grind, supporting each other no doubt, but oftentimes without a moment to just chill and be and have fun with one another. The party provided us with couple time, fun time, party time, and time for me to show off the dancing skills. LOL

I’m that person at the party that canNOT do the standard, typical dance. NO, no, dance is a performance, and by God, I shall perform. LOL And so I… and the lady-love did. 😉