I interview director Ambrosia Lanley at SL Enquirer

I LOVE when I meet cool people on the grid. Sometimes, it doesn’t even come from actually meeting them, per se. I’ve never seen director, producer, and writer Ambrosia Lanley in the cyber flesh. A notice from a group appeared that mentioned her latest movie’s premiere, and because I love machinima so much and am a budding machinimatographer, I wanted to find out about this premiere. In wanting to learn that piece of information, I talked with Ambrosia a bit and decided I wanted to interview her and check out more of her work.

The interview at SLE is part of that checking out. Come, head over to SLE to read up on this dynamic woman and to learn more about your intriguing movies. You won’t be disappointed!

Here’s the link!

Sneak Preview of New Show, BE MY GUEST

This is a sampler that gives a sneak peek into the entertainment experience you’ll come to know as Be My Guest. Sage Halostar introduces the concept of the show along with samples from several of the musical guests and filmmakers whose work will grace the show.

Be My Guest is a production of PanReality Media, a collaborative media arts company.

In this episode:

Narration: Sage Halostar

Amy Obenski
The Beautiful Losers
Jenn Grinels
TerryLynn Melody

Appearances by:
The Outta The Sandbox Players – AvaJean Westland, Breyda Adored, Corwyn Allen, Kidren Kasshiki, Pipsqueak Albatros, Sage Halostar
Bacchi Cheng
Cheyenne Novo
Cody Smedley
Corky Myrtle
Dianne Davies
Richard Gali

Machinima footage contributed by:
Cheyenne Novo
Corky Myrtle
Shon Charisma (that’s me! lol)

What I’m Working On — AWAY Film Project

I always have my hands in several cookie jars at once, but one project I’m currently working on was kind of birthed through two things: my Cleaning Out My Closet photos for this month and the comment left by my lovely girlfriend.

I love dressing in doll and puppet, and it kind of surprised me that I would go somewhat dark with the pictures I took. My girlfriend Earth talked about the story that seemed to developed of the doll through the pictures, and she was interested in that story. Truth was, I was, too.

The doll in those photos stuck with me, and because of that, AWAY is being birthed.

Away is my next short film, and it’s about Gabriella, a woman who thinks she has found happily ever after, only to find herself swept away to a place where she becomes The Doll for her mate. Although it will be a short piece (thinking less than 10 minutes), I feel like this doll wants to talk more, so who knows where she will go.

The goal is to release the film next month. I’ve already shot some footage and am working on fleshing out dialogue and remaining shots so that I can shoot them and go into editing.

For now, here’s a short trailer to Away.

Latest Filming Project: DATA’s Shining Star Competition

I’ve been a filming machine lately. Have a LOT of footage, too many gigs’ worth, and recently worked on rendering footage for Actor’s Sandbox as we had a big showcase last week with a special SL/RL show. That material will be used for AS-related activities. My latest project for viewing comes from Bahiyaa Jumanya and her Digital Arts Talent Agency, in which I am now one of her talent. Last month, DATA held its first-ever Shining Star Competition. Talents from acting, dancing, DJing, machinima, and modeling vied for the first-place price of 7500L and DATA representation. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to film and produce the competition…and got to be part of DATA in the process. Check out the show and see who won the big prize!

Unity Productions Is Doing It Up!

The best thing I ever did in SL was join Unity Productions. It’s amazing that almost two years ago, I sat in a church in-world, enthralled with what Pastor Pet Karu had to say, then went to a meditation led by Pet, and then found myself swept-up in what would become UP. Within these two years, we have produced four major productions (Come Away My Beloved (v.1 and v.2), The Creation Story, I Was with Him, and The Misfits — all original works) and a countless number of soaking worships and other events across the grid. We’ve been featured in some of the it publications in SL (here’s one right here), and for every endeavor, we give it up to God who makes it all possible.

Now, UP is working to kick it to the next level (more on some of this in 2012!), and one way we are going to do that is with more material on our website. Instead of just showing what we do, we are working to show you who we are–as children of the Most High. Initiatives for the site kick off this month as UP plans several monthly projects to read, see, and listen to. This month ago, we have showcased three new monthly initiatives: monthly prayer podcast/post, monthly faith-based podcast/post, and monthly musical inspiration.

Every 1st of the month, UP will offer a prayer from one of its members. Check out December’s monthly prayer by UP founder Pet Karu. Every 15th of the month, UP will offer a podcast or blog post focused on a faith-related topic. Check out December’s podcast by me titled “Take the Limits Off!” Every 20th of the month, UP will offer a musical inspiration from one of its members. This month, I share one of my favorite songs that lifts my spirit. Check it out here.

In addition to initiatives on the site, UP has also branched out an added a new leg to its organization: Sisters in Spirit. Spearheaded by me, SiS hopes to connect with women of faith, on the grid and beyond. It has already released the short SL film, Burdens as well as poetry that connects to the film. In 2012, SiS will have more films, podcasts, and talks and interviews with women who use their faith to lead to success in their lives.

I’m very blessed to be a part of these things, and I hope you take the time to check them all out, share what you see, and contact me if you’d like to get involved!