For the Love of Earth – Day 3

I think the most nervous day I’ve ever had on the grid came when I asked Earth to be my girl. We had been talking for a while, and we were spending a LOT of time together. Where there was one, there was usually the other. One of my daughters was asking me “So, are you and Earth a couple yet?” and I had a few other whispers going into the ears from other people.

I knew that Earth and I got along well, I knew that we were both creative, talented, pretty ambitious, and thoroughly enjoyed being around each other…yet…and still, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure she would say YES to my question.

So, feeling nervous and hating rejection, I decided to ask Earth to be my girl during a Thanksgiving family dinner! LOL Me, my girls, and her. No pressure whatsoever. My daughters knew I was going to ask and were very encouraging.

We spent most of the day just making nice, having good food, and great conversation.



Trust me when I say that even though we look like everything’s great, I was still a nervous wreck. My little one stayed in my inbox, asking me if I was OK. Ha!

Eventually, as we neared dessert, I pulled out some middle-school antics by performing the “passing notes in class” move. Just before dessert, a large note appeared in the dining area. For the love of me, I can’t find the picture of this moment; however, I did find the note. This is it…


I can laugh now, but after I asked, there was this deafening silence. I already told myself that if she said no, I would have to eject her from the land. LMAO. I just could NOT handle the rejection. It would not go down well with the turkey and fixings. LOL.

Luckily, however, my love said yes, and we took it slow and built our relationship before we actually took the next step in the adventure of our love affair.


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Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Dress: Dress Boho Lively – Revival – Pink¬†[purchase]
  • Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Grace Sandals – White¬†[purchase]
  • Hair: *Dura-Girl* 41 (Black) [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings, Necklace, Ring: (EN) Harmony Set [purchase]
  • Watch: Dunbar Watch – Female – Pink [purchase]
  • Poses: Boogie pack [purchase] and Dynamic pack [purchase] from aDORKable