A Cause Worth Taking Part In: The Homeless Awareness Hunt

As much as I love all the wonderful, fun, exciting things we can do in Second Life, I find myself that much more passionate and excited about those things we can do in Second Life that benefit first life, too. When I was in a sorority in-world, we used our platform to raise awareness (and funds) for Fibromyalgia. I have written about and given to charities in-world for breast cancer awareness, for those affected by the tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011, and to the organization To Write Love on Her Arms.

When my beloved wifey, Earth Nirvana-Charisma, told me about a new hunt that raised awareness for homelessness, I knew I wanted to talk to its creator.

Enter Joshuan Banx… and the Homeless Awareness Hunt.


I talked to Joshuan at length about the issues of homelessness, like the stigma attributed to those who find themselves homeless, before we talked about what he was creating in-world to bring awareness to this plight of so many people.

The Homeless Awareness Hunt that Banx created kicked off August 15, 2013, and it runs until September 15. Presented by Mental Health Awareness Retreat and sponsored by AMERICAN BAZAAR, ..:HC Creations:.., cStar Limited, and :Sugar:, the hunt does so much more than provide a wonderful hunt that will feature creations, such as tents, cardboard boxes, homeless clothes, etc.; as Joshuan told me, “The goal of the hunt is to raise awareness on homelessness especially in correlation to mental health illness.”

Homeless Awareness Exhibit

One of the most intriguing events of the Homeless Awareness Hunt, and one I plan to check out as soon as this article is posted, is the event’s exhibition [here’s your limo to the exhibition!]. Joshuan tells me this is one of the things to experience during the hunt. Running throughout the course of the hunt, the exhibition has many resources on homelessness especially in correlation to mental health.

Other wonderful events provide participants the opportunity to talk with one another, learn new skills, and partake in some musical entertainment, among other things.

Every Saturday at 1 p.m. SLT, throughout the month of August and beginning of September, there will be meetings where participants can come together to tell stories and discuss topics related to homelessness.

Homeless Awareness Exhibit 2

Those people who are interested in photography, might check out the photography class being held August 24 where people can learn photography professionally and can even earn money from it.

On August 31, participants can discuss ways that people can help homelessness, especially in relations to mental health, and on September 7, an Introduction to Scripting class will be held.

September 14, the day before the hunt concludes, there will be a sleep out with performers Prowess Rayna (1 p.m. SLT), Eio Tuqiri (2 p.m. SLT), and Twostep Spiritweaver (3 p.m. SLT). There will be cardboard boxes out and sleeping bags in hopes to raise awareness to homelessness.

To learn more about the Hunt… and to take part in all of its engaging activities, you can check out the Mental Health Awareness Retreat, a safe haven that provides both RL and SL resources for various mental health issues, such as PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autism, Abuse, Suicide, Psychosis, OCD, Agoraphobia, while raising awareness and breaking stigma. Or, you can jump right on into the hunt.

Bae and I at SLE’s 7th Anniversary Par-Tay

It’s been a LONGGGGGG time since I’ve done anything remotely fun on the grid. What do I mean by fun? Anything that’s NOT associated with the work I do on the grid. When I heard about SL Enquirer‘s White Party, I knew it would be the fun I need– both me and my lady-love. We’re both always on our grind, supporting each other no doubt, but oftentimes without a moment to just chill and be and have fun with one another. The party provided us with couple time, fun time, party time, and time for me to show off the dancing skills. LOL

I’m that person at the party that canNOT do the standard, typical dance. NO, no, dance is a performance, and by God, I shall perform. LOL And so I… and the lady-love did. 😉

Unity Premieres Latest Production, SHAKEN INTO PEACE Today!

Sometimes, things are hard. Sometimes, things weigh us down. Sometimes, we don’t know which way to turn for help.

Sometimes, it’s not about turning anywhere.

It’s about being STILL . . . and finding peace.

For those that never give themselves time to BE and to FEEL and to RELEASE, you definitely do not want to miss Unity Productions’ latest show, the meditative performance, SHAKEN INTO PEACE.

Created and directed by by moi (!!!) and choreographed by the talented Unity Productions team, SHAKEN INTO PEACE’s spoken word messages and soul-stirring peace-filled music relay the production’s ultimate message: even when you’re feeling gray, there is peace and a peace maker that can restore color in your life.

Come, get your peace.

SHAKEN INTO PEACE will run for two weekends in October:

Friday, October 5, 2012 at 6 p.m. SLT
Saturday, October 6, 2012, at 2 p.m. SLT
Sunday, October 7, 2012, at 4 p.m. SLT

Friday, October 12, 2012 at 6 p.m. SLT
Saturday, October 13, 2012, at 2 p.m. SLT
Sunday, October 14, 2012, at 4 p.m. SLT

All shows will go live at the Unity Productions’ stage.

Sneak Preview of New Show, BE MY GUEST

This is a sampler that gives a sneak peek into the entertainment experience you’ll come to know as Be My Guest. Sage Halostar introduces the concept of the show along with samples from several of the musical guests and filmmakers whose work will grace the show.

Be My Guest is a production of PanReality Media, a collaborative media arts company.

In this episode:

Narration: Sage Halostar

Amy Obenski
The Beautiful Losers
Jenn Grinels
TerryLynn Melody

Appearances by:
The Outta The Sandbox Players – AvaJean Westland, Breyda Adored, Corwyn Allen, Kidren Kasshiki, Pipsqueak Albatros, Sage Halostar
Bacchi Cheng
Cheyenne Novo
Cody Smedley
Corky Myrtle
Dianne Davies
Richard Gali

Machinima footage contributed by:
Cheyenne Novo
Corky Myrtle
Shon Charisma (that’s me! lol)

Unity Productions Is Doing It Up!

The best thing I ever did in SL was join Unity Productions. It’s amazing that almost two years ago, I sat in a church in-world, enthralled with what Pastor Pet Karu had to say, then went to a meditation led by Pet, and then found myself swept-up in what would become UP. Within these two years, we have produced four major productions (Come Away My Beloved (v.1 and v.2), The Creation Story, I Was with Him, and The Misfits — all original works) and a countless number of soaking worships and other events across the grid. We’ve been featured in some of the it publications in SL (here’s one right here), and for every endeavor, we give it up to God who makes it all possible.

Now, UP is working to kick it to the next level (more on some of this in 2012!), and one way we are going to do that is with more material on our website. Instead of just showing what we do, we are working to show you who we are–as children of the Most High. Initiatives for the site kick off this month as UP plans several monthly projects to read, see, and listen to. This month ago, we have showcased three new monthly initiatives: monthly prayer podcast/post, monthly faith-based podcast/post, and monthly musical inspiration.

Every 1st of the month, UP will offer a prayer from one of its members. Check out December’s monthly prayer by UP founder Pet Karu. Every 15th of the month, UP will offer a podcast or blog post focused on a faith-related topic. Check out December’s podcast by me titled “Take the Limits Off!” Every 20th of the month, UP will offer a musical inspiration from one of its members. This month, I share one of my favorite songs that lifts my spirit. Check it out here.

In addition to initiatives on the site, UP has also branched out an added a new leg to its organization: Sisters in Spirit. Spearheaded by me, SiS hopes to connect with women of faith, on the grid and beyond. It has already released the short SL film, Burdens as well as poetry that connects to the film. In 2012, SiS will have more films, podcasts, and talks and interviews with women who use their faith to lead to success in their lives.

I’m very blessed to be a part of these things, and I hope you take the time to check them all out, share what you see, and contact me if you’d like to get involved!