For the Love of Earth – Day 5

Ahhh, the day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Personally, I believe we should share our love 24-7-365, so this day is just another day to say I LOVE YOU to my Bae.

Over the week, I’ve shared many reasons why I love my sweetie, and today, instead of talking a lot, I will be sharing pictures of my beloved and me… AND rockin’ some wares of my love!

It was so much fun to look through the, literally, 100s of photos I have to pick a few to share in this post. I smiled a lot, and in viewing them, they made me realize that Bae and I have done “this” right. What is THIS? This relationship thing. We started as friends, having fun and learning about each other. We moved into dating monogamously, and again, continued to learn about each other, have fun, and provide a lot of encouragement and positivity to one another’s endeavors. We then, finally, moved into a marriage that works VERY well for us… our personalities, our wants and needs.

Whenever I part from Earth, I tell her I love her. It’s automatic, but in looking throughout this week at why I love her, I felt that love in my chest, and it made me smile. I’m lucky to have a better-half that rocks as hard as granite as my EarthyPoo.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Baebaebae!














I’m the bunny… LOL






5floe1 5floe2 5floe3 5floe4 5floe5

Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Top: Bowie Nu – Red [purchase]
  • Pants: **GizzA** Flax Pants [Black] [purchase]
  • Shoes: N-core SENSE Xtremeheel [purchase]
  • Hair: Iconic IroquisTOO Mono [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings: Big As Ankhs – Red [purchase]
  • Bangles: MM – Onyx [purchase]
  • Necklace: .:A&M:. My Favorite Necklace – Black Pearls [purchase]
  • Ring: (EN) Honey Bee – Black [purchase]
  • Handbag: Times Sq. (Muerto) – Black [purchase]
  • Poses: Frisky Dork pack from aDORKable [purchase]

For the Love of Earth – Day 3

I think the most nervous day I’ve ever had on the grid came when I asked Earth to be my girl. We had been talking for a while, and we were spending a LOT of time together. Where there was one, there was usually the other. One of my daughters was asking me “So, are you and Earth a couple yet?” and I had a few other whispers going into the ears from other people.

I knew that Earth and I got along well, I knew that we were both creative, talented, pretty ambitious, and thoroughly enjoyed being around each other…yet…and still, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure she would say YES to my question.

So, feeling nervous and hating rejection, I decided to ask Earth to be my girl during a Thanksgiving family dinner! LOL Me, my girls, and her. No pressure whatsoever. My daughters knew I was going to ask and were very encouraging.

We spent most of the day just making nice, having good food, and great conversation.



Trust me when I say that even though we look like everything’s great, I was still a nervous wreck. My little one stayed in my inbox, asking me if I was OK. Ha!

Eventually, as we neared dessert, I pulled out some middle-school antics by performing the “passing notes in class” move. Just before dessert, a large note appeared in the dining area. For the love of me, I can’t find the picture of this moment; however, I did find the note. This is it…


I can laugh now, but after I asked, there was this deafening silence. I already told myself that if she said no, I would have to eject her from the land. LMAO. I just could NOT handle the rejection. It would not go down well with the turkey and fixings. LOL.

Luckily, however, my love said yes, and we took it slow and built our relationship before we actually took the next step in the adventure of our love affair.


3floe1 3floe2 3floe3 3floe4 3floe5 3floe6

Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Dress: Dress Boho Lively – Revival – Pink [purchase]
  • Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Grace Sandals – White [purchase]
  • Hair: *Dura-Girl* 41 (Black) [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings, Necklace, Ring: (EN) Harmony Set [purchase]
  • Watch: Dunbar Watch – Female – Pink [purchase]
  • Poses: Boogie pack [purchase] and Dynamic pack [purchase] from aDORKable

For the Love of Earth – Day 2

I joined Second Life back in 2009 for a class. At first, I wasn’t that big of a fan and stepped away from SL for a few months, but eventually, I came back, made friends, and began what would be many transformations of my “self” on the grid.

I never thought about having a relationship here. I just wanted to have fun and perhaps be a pseudo-ethnographer of the lives I found on the grid.

And then I met Earth.

And my thoughts were spun off their axis.

My sweetness was a fun-loving, silly yet serious woman whom I found easy to talk to.

Although I tried to keep myself in the “we are just friends” mode, I found myself softening for my sweetie when she took me out for my rezzday.


…when we found ourselves outside of her business, her supposedly working, but both of us just chilling among the leaves under a big tree.


…when I let this woman grab not one but TWO of my donuts and scarf them down!


It was easy to fall for Earth because she’s so easy to love. With a woman like my Earth… you might fight to stay away, but her allure, her sweetness, her humor, and her eclectic jazzyfantastic self will reel you in…quickly.

2floe-1 2floe-2 2floe-3 2floe-4 2floe-5

Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Top: Roots, Rasta & Reggae – Brown [purchase]
  • Jeans: **GizzA** Grunge Jeans Blue [purchase]
  • Shoes: N-core ECLIPSE Brown Edition [purchase]
  • Hair: 99Hair – Kerry [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings: (EN) Whimsical – XO’s [purchase]
  • Bracelets: Eternal – Brown [purchase]
  • Poses: From 25 Days of Poses 2012 [purchase] from aDORKable

Just Me Being Cute…

…and me rockin’ a sexy new bag from my beloved, Earth Nirvana-Charisma! ❤










VDAY: Why My Wifey Rocks!

I always hear people talking about how their sweetie is the best one ever. Although I’ve always believed my wifey was the best, I now know without a shadow of a doubt that she’s the best because she gave me a VDay Moment to remember!

What did she have planned?

A hunt! LOL

As a wonderful designer of women’s and men’s wares and women’s jewelry [here’s her blog – check her out!], she’s always participating in hunts, so she decided, what better way to give her girlie things than to make her work for them in a hunt! LOL She even took the time to blog out the info like she’d do for one of her hunts: [HERE]


It started at our home, where she had set up a cute table with chocolates, a pic of us, and champagne, as well as my first note (the big pic) that allowed me to go to her site, read about the hunt, and go on my journey. The journey took me around our home, our work locale, her shop, and then our work area again.


My lovely lovely is a sneaky somebody, so I was like hmmm the whole time. LOL.

Across different locales, Bae had placed ten gifts (some “gifts” had as many at ten gifts inside!). She provided me with hints, and I had to go a-searching.

First stop landed me at my spot, Charisma Productions, where I found a few of a cute double-heart items.


behind the coffee pot


atop a board that links to a short film I directed


behind the slurpee machine at our personal movie theater

Then I was back at our house for a few finds…


beside our cute little bunny


in our shower stall


in our barbecue pit — needless to say, our love burns!

Then after finding several more gifts at Bae’s shop, the last stop landed me here…


All I could do was smile at this…


After finding everything, Bae and I sat with some champagne while I took out the gifts to see what I would be getting!


I am such the lucky girl. Bae is a winner, and I’m so glad I realized that and put a ring on her!


In the end, Bae got me a heap of great things, from jeans and tops to awesome boots, hair, and a crazy headdress!

This is the retro mesh dress she picked up for me!


Needless to say, I’m about to figure out something equally fun and wonderful for her — just because she’s so wonderful!