Art Installation EVERYONE Needs to See ~ Latest SLE Article

The Sweet Bye & Bye


I have witnessed my most favorite thing in Second Life, and I’ll just put it out there, if you are a part of SL, then you have to check it out and witness it, too. If you don’t…then, hmm…I need to beat you, LOL, seriously.

If you are a lover of art, of storytelling, of how Second Life can be used to tell a poignant story, history of the African-American experience, then you need to ONE, read my latest SL Enquirer article on “In the Sweet Bye & Bye, An Immersive Memoir” – a wonderful art installation by the uber-talented Jacque Quijote. Then TWO, you need to check out the installation…the slurl of the installation is available in my article.

Head to SLE and read my article today…and then TP yourself to the installation, STAT. Here’s the [URL] for the article!