For the Love of Earth – Day 5

Ahhh, the day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Personally, I believe we should share our love 24-7-365, so this day is just another day to say I LOVE YOU to my Bae.

Over the week, I’ve shared many reasons why I love my sweetie, and today, instead of talking a lot, I will be sharing pictures of my beloved and me… AND rockin’ some wares of my love!

It was so much fun to look through the, literally, 100s of photos I have to pick a few to share in this post. I smiled a lot, and in viewing them, they made me realize that Bae and I have done “this” right. What is THIS? This relationship thing. We started as friends, having fun and learning about each other. We moved into dating monogamously, and again, continued to learn about each other, have fun, and provide a lot of encouragement and positivity to one another’s endeavors. We then, finally, moved into a marriage that works VERY well for us… our personalities, our wants and needs.

Whenever I part from Earth, I tell her I love her. It’s automatic, but in looking throughout this week at why I love her, I felt that love in my chest, and it made me smile. I’m lucky to have a better-half that rocks as hard as granite as my EarthyPoo.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Baebaebae!














I’m the bunny… LOL






5floe1 5floe2 5floe3 5floe4 5floe5

Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Top: Bowie Nu – Red [purchase]
  • Pants: **GizzA** Flax Pants [Black] [purchase]
  • Shoes: N-core SENSE Xtremeheel [purchase]
  • Hair: Iconic IroquisTOO Mono [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings: Big As Ankhs – Red [purchase]
  • Bangles: MM – Onyx [purchase]
  • Necklace: .:A&M:. My Favorite Necklace – Black Pearls [purchase]
  • Ring: (EN) Honey Bee – Black [purchase]
  • Handbag: Times Sq. (Muerto) – Black [purchase]
  • Poses: Frisky Dork pack from aDORKable [purchase]

A Cause Worth Taking Part In: The Homeless Awareness Hunt

As much as I love all the wonderful, fun, exciting things we can do in Second Life, I find myself that much more passionate and excited about those things we can do in Second Life that benefit first life, too. When I was in a sorority in-world, we used our platform to raise awareness (and funds) for Fibromyalgia. I have written about and given to charities in-world for breast cancer awareness, for those affected by the tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011, and to the organization To Write Love on Her Arms.

When my beloved wifey, Earth Nirvana-Charisma, told me about a new hunt that raised awareness for homelessness, I knew I wanted to talk to its creator.

Enter Joshuan Banx… and the Homeless Awareness Hunt.


I talked to Joshuan at length about the issues of homelessness, like the stigma attributed to those who find themselves homeless, before we talked about what he was creating in-world to bring awareness to this plight of so many people.

The Homeless Awareness Hunt that Banx created kicked off August 15, 2013, and it runs until September 15. Presented by Mental Health Awareness Retreat and sponsored by AMERICAN BAZAAR, ..:HC Creations:.., cStar Limited, and :Sugar:, the hunt does so much more than provide a wonderful hunt that will feature creations, such as tents, cardboard boxes, homeless clothes, etc.; as Joshuan told me, “The goal of the hunt is to raise awareness on homelessness especially in correlation to mental health illness.”

Homeless Awareness Exhibit

One of the most intriguing events of the Homeless Awareness Hunt, and one I plan to check out as soon as this article is posted, is the event’s exhibition [here’s your limo to the exhibition!]. Joshuan tells me this is one of the things to experience during the hunt. Running throughout the course of the hunt, the exhibition has many resources on homelessness especially in correlation to mental health.

Other wonderful events provide participants the opportunity to talk with one another, learn new skills, and partake in some musical entertainment, among other things.

Every Saturday at 1 p.m. SLT, throughout the month of August and beginning of September, there will be meetings where participants can come together to tell stories and discuss topics related to homelessness.

Homeless Awareness Exhibit 2

Those people who are interested in photography, might check out the photography class being held August 24 where people can learn photography professionally and can even earn money from it.

On August 31, participants can discuss ways that people can help homelessness, especially in relations to mental health, and on September 7, an Introduction to Scripting class will be held.

September 14, the day before the hunt concludes, there will be a sleep out with performers Prowess Rayna (1 p.m. SLT), Eio Tuqiri (2 p.m. SLT), and Twostep Spiritweaver (3 p.m. SLT). There will be cardboard boxes out and sleeping bags in hopes to raise awareness to homelessness.

To learn more about the Hunt… and to take part in all of its engaging activities, you can check out the Mental Health Awareness Retreat, a safe haven that provides both RL and SL resources for various mental health issues, such as PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autism, Abuse, Suicide, Psychosis, OCD, Agoraphobia, while raising awareness and breaking stigma. Or, you can jump right on into the hunt.

VDAY: Why My Wifey Rocks!

I always hear people talking about how their sweetie is the best one ever. Although I’ve always believed my wifey was the best, I now know without a shadow of a doubt that she’s the best because she gave me a VDay Moment to remember!

What did she have planned?

A hunt! LOL

As a wonderful designer of women’s and men’s wares and women’s jewelry [here’s her blog – check her out!], she’s always participating in hunts, so she decided, what better way to give her girlie things than to make her work for them in a hunt! LOL She even took the time to blog out the info like she’d do for one of her hunts: [HERE]


It started at our home, where she had set up a cute table with chocolates, a pic of us, and champagne, as well as my first note (the big pic) that allowed me to go to her site, read about the hunt, and go on my journey. The journey took me around our home, our work locale, her shop, and then our work area again.


My lovely lovely is a sneaky somebody, so I was like hmmm the whole time. LOL.

Across different locales, Bae had placed ten gifts (some “gifts” had as many at ten gifts inside!). She provided me with hints, and I had to go a-searching.

First stop landed me at my spot, Charisma Productions, where I found a few of a cute double-heart items.


behind the coffee pot


atop a board that links to a short film I directed


behind the slurpee machine at our personal movie theater

Then I was back at our house for a few finds…


beside our cute little bunny


in our shower stall


in our barbecue pit — needless to say, our love burns!

Then after finding several more gifts at Bae’s shop, the last stop landed me here…


All I could do was smile at this…


After finding everything, Bae and I sat with some champagne while I took out the gifts to see what I would be getting!


I am such the lucky girl. Bae is a winner, and I’m so glad I realized that and put a ring on her!


In the end, Bae got me a heap of great things, from jeans and tops to awesome boots, hair, and a crazy headdress!

This is the retro mesh dress she picked up for me!


Needless to say, I’m about to figure out something equally fun and wonderful for her — just because she’s so wonderful!

Bae and I at SLE’s 7th Anniversary Par-Tay

It’s been a LONGGGGGG time since I’ve done anything remotely fun on the grid. What do I mean by fun? Anything that’s NOT associated with the work I do on the grid. When I heard about SL Enquirer‘s White Party, I knew it would be the fun I need– both me and my lady-love. We’re both always on our grind, supporting each other no doubt, but oftentimes without a moment to just chill and be and have fun with one another. The party provided us with couple time, fun time, party time, and time for me to show off the dancing skills. LOL

I’m that person at the party that canNOT do the standard, typical dance. NO, no, dance is a performance, and by God, I shall perform. LOL And so I… and the lady-love did. 😉

When Bae Met Bunny: An Anatomy of a Working SL Relationship (Bunny’s Version)

During this time of year, people often rush to and fro, buying gifts for their loved ones to tell them something that screams, I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day! Me and my Bae, Earth Nirvana, do that every day, so we thought it would be cool to chronicle our relationship–in our own words. We’ve seen a lot of relationships come and go and are over-the-moon happy we’ve found each other and have meshed our lives together in a way that compliments and complements the other.

Sometimes, especially from fam and friends, I get the question, “So, how did you and Earth meet?”

While my Bae tells her own tale of how we happened, here’s mine:

It started with a shirt. One hot day in mid-May 2011, I realized I had on Earth’s shirt.

Sounds sexy, huh?

Well, not quite.

You see, that pic above used to be my profile pic. And on May 19, 2011, I received the following message from Earth: Love that shirt sistah.

Here are the next few messages over the next few days:

May 25, 2011Shon
Aw, thanks! I picked it up a while ago, but love wearing it,

May 28, 2011Earth
Considering I made it…that is great to hear

May 28, 2011Shon
Ha! Now that’s funny to me. I had a FEELING you made it. *chuckling*

Immediately, I dug Earth’s vibe. She was funny. She was cool. She was serious. She was real. She was definitely about her business. We connected instantly, her coming to support my performances as a part of Unity Productions and me supporting her business Earth’s Bangles as I interviewed her for SL Enquirer and put together a commercial for her biz. We connected on being strong sistahs who work hard to do big things, and we pushed each other to do them.

Although we met in May on Facebook and became fast FB buddies, it wasn’t until around October 2011 that we actually met in SL. I should’ve known she was special when she was the only person to take me out for my REZZ DAY, October 15, 2011, LOL.

From that day on, it was on–both on FB and in-world as we hung out and got to know each other better.

She came to my house to play with my…ahem…I mean my children’s toys.

She came to the house and ate ALL of my donuts.

We hit the clubs and danced ourselves sweaty.

And most importantly, we found those quiet times to sit and talk about our goals and dreams and to cheer each other on.

By the time Thanksgiving came around, I was feeling some kind of way about this lady. I knew she was special and never in my time in SL did I want to be someone’s girlfriend or to have one. I was happy being busy and having my children and friends around. But with Bae, yeah, that changed.

My lovely little daughter Nevaeh, who always seems to know more about affairs of the heart than her mother, decided we HAD to have Thanksgiving together and before I could say yes, she had already created an invite and sent one off to Earth.

And I decided to do something I normally wouldn’t do–I went with my gut instinct.

While we were all enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, I pulled out some old school, elementary school moves and pulled out a card right there in the room. Here’s the card:

Yeah, I know–real classy!

I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous in SL about anything as I was when I sat there, waiting for her to say something, anything.

I didn’t have to wait long…and I didn’t have to boot her off my land either, LOL. Her yes kicked off our relationship extravaganza that’s seen us visit her new grandbabies…

That’s seen her abuse me in public, LOL…

That’s seen us look like the hottest, most adorable couple on SL…

That’s seen us celebrate Christmas together…

That’s seen us buy big animals together…

And that’s seen us celebrate Bae’s birthday and our coming out together…

In the past nine months, I have built a friendship with a great lady who is smart, funny, sexy, sweet, kind, aggressive, and passionate. In the past two, three months, I have had the honor to upgrade that friendship into a relationship, and I couldn’t ask for a better mate to take over the grid with. We don’t know what drama is, and if drama even tries to step to us, we cut it off at the path, kick its ass, and have it scurrying back home in tears.

For a person that initially came on SL in October of 2010 for a class and had no thoughts of staying, I’m glad I took a chance, checked out the grid, and stuck around.

Before Bae, I did a lot of things here and enjoyed them. Now with Bae, I do a lot of things still, and even still enjoy them–now, I have a wonderful person to share them with.

Looking forward to seeing what magic The Bae & Bunny Show can make happen in the next nine months!