For the Love of Earth – Day 5

Ahhh, the day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Personally, I believe we should share our love 24-7-365, so this day is just another day to say I LOVE YOU to my Bae.

Over the week, I’ve shared many reasons why I love my sweetie, and today, instead of talking a lot, I will be sharing pictures of my beloved and me… AND rockin’ some wares of my love!

It was so much fun to look through the, literally, 100s of photos I have to pick a few to share in this post. I smiled a lot, and in viewing them, they made me realize that Bae and I have done “this” right. What is THIS? This relationship thing. We started as friends, having fun and learning about each other. We moved into dating monogamously, and again, continued to learn about each other, have fun, and provide a lot of encouragement and positivity to one another’s endeavors. We then, finally, moved into a marriage that works VERY well for us… our personalities, our wants and needs.

Whenever I part from Earth, I tell her I love her. It’s automatic, but in looking throughout this week at why I love her, I felt that love in my chest, and it made me smile. I’m lucky to have a better-half that rocks as hard as granite as my EarthyPoo.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Baebaebae!














I’m the bunny… LOL






5floe1 5floe2 5floe3 5floe4 5floe5

Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Top: Bowie Nu – Red [purchase]
  • Pants: **GizzA** Flax Pants [Black] [purchase]
  • Shoes: N-core SENSE Xtremeheel [purchase]
  • Hair: Iconic IroquisTOO Mono [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings: Big As Ankhs – Red [purchase]
  • Bangles: MM – Onyx [purchase]
  • Necklace: .:A&M:. My Favorite Necklace – Black Pearls [purchase]
  • Ring: (EN) Honey Bee – Black [purchase]
  • Handbag: Times Sq. (Muerto) – Black [purchase]
  • Poses: Frisky Dork pack from aDORKable [purchase]

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