For the Love of Earth – Day 4

Why do I love Bae? Let me count the ways…

Well, I’ve been doing that this week already, haven’t I?

And today’s post is no different.

Today, I want to talk briefly about being eclectic, about being zany, and about NOT CARING what anyone thinks about said eclectic and zany behaviors.

One of the things I love about Earth the most is her eclectic style. She has a way of putting together a ‘fit, finding an answer to a solution, and saying off-the-wall things that most people wouldn’t think to do or say.

In December 2011, a lot of that zaniness and eclectic style presented itself. It was a special month–not only was it Christmas, but also it was my bae’s birthday, and we wanted to throw a party. I let Bae pick the theme for the party.

When she said hip hop, I wasn’t too surprised. I knew she dug ol’ school hip hop, and her bro can kill the wheels of steel as DJ. There wasn’t a drop of eclectic… or zany in that response.

But ahhh, with the Bae, there is always an M. Night Shyamalan “twist.”

And here it was… hip hop… to the GRAVE. People had to, basically, be hip hop zombies. LOL



Bae busting a move.

Needless to say, that party was hot to death (pun intended).

Before the party, Bae and I went and purchased her a b’day gift and somehow I ended up with a gift, too.

It wasn’t something like new shoes, new ‘fits, a cruise. It was a tiger. For her. A dragon for me.



I spend a lot of time shaking my head, giggling, and laughing when I’m with Earth because she always has the twist that just keeps me intrigued. It doesn’t hurt that her eclectic and zany style represents itself in her ability to be silly (because Lord knows I is a silly one!).

I mean, we all know how much women try to look good all the time on the grid, but any woman who would play Rudolph to my Donner can’t be all bad.





4floe1 4floe2 4floe3 4floe4 4floe5 4floe6
Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Outfit: Blair Set – Purple [purchase]
  • Shoes: N-core CARESSE “Noir Intense” [purchase]
  • Hair: Iconic Couture Vix Blacks [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings: Feather – Royal [purchase]
  • Bangles: Big Link – Cross [purchase]
  • Necklace: Crossed her – Onyx [purchase]
  • Ring: Butterfly Affection – Black [purchase]
  • Clutch: Shon (Black) [purchase]
  • Poses: Bag Lady poses, Frozen Gworl poses, and Mizrahi poses by ILLMATIC [purchase]

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Earth – Day 4

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  2. Ah those pictures bring such memories. We use to do some silly things together. Time for some new memories and a themed party.

    Fashion: I love the fit. You know I never figured those earrings for the pants set, well done love. The Shon clutch tops off any outfit

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