For the Love of Earth – Day 2

I joined Second Life back in 2009 for a class. At first, I wasn’t that big of a fan and stepped away from SL for a few months, but eventually, I came back, made friends, and began what would be many transformations of my “self” on the grid.

I never thought about having a relationship here. I just wanted to have fun and perhaps be a pseudo-ethnographer of the lives I found on the grid.

And then I met Earth.

And my thoughts were spun off their axis.

My sweetness was a fun-loving, silly yet serious woman whom I found easy to talk to.

Although I tried to keep myself in the “we are just friends” mode, I found myself softening for my sweetie when she took me out for my rezzday.


…when we found ourselves outside of her business, her supposedly working, but both of us just chilling among the leaves under a big tree.


…when I let this woman grab not one but TWO of my donuts and scarf them down!


It was easy to fall for Earth because she’s so easy to love. With a woman like my Earth… you might fight to stay away, but her allure, her sweetness, her humor, and her eclectic jazzyfantastic self will reel you in…quickly.

2floe-1 2floe-2 2floe-3 2floe-4 2floe-5

Items in bold and red below were created by my Bae!

  • Top: Roots, Rasta & Reggae – Brown [purchase]
  • Jeans: **GizzA** Grunge Jeans Blue [purchase]
  • Shoes: N-core ECLIPSE Brown Edition [purchase]
  • Hair: 99Hair – Kerry [purchase]
  • Nails: Manicures – Glitters (Texture Change via Hud) – 8 in 1 [purchase]
  • Earrings: (EN) Whimsical – XO’s [purchase]
  • Bracelets: Eternal – Brown [purchase]
  • Poses: From 25 Days of Poses 2012 [purchase] from aDORKable

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