So You Think You Can Choreograph? Latest SLE Article

Hey all! It’s been awhile since I’ve written an article for Second Life Enquirer, but what with RL dissertation and SL filming, it’s been a tiring, tiring journey. I won’t even get into all the other things I’ve been working on. So, yeah, moving on!

My latest SLE article is awesome. Yes, I’m patting self on back–HARD. I pulled together four women who are great dancers and choreographers on the grid and had them talk to me about dancing, choreographing as an art form in Second Life. The women? Dance Queens Founder Nottoo Wise, The Dazzlers CEO Pyper Dollinger, Unity Productions Founder Pet Karu, and A&M MOCAP Assistant/Support and Gorean dancer Tiviyah Resident.

Aside from their views on dancing and choreography, I also share my recent work into choreography and offer a raw video of my rehearsing a song I’m dancing this weekend.

Head to SLE to read “So You Think You Can Choreograph?” Check it out now and leave comments!


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