Sneak Preview of New Show, BE MY GUEST

This is a sampler that gives a sneak peek into the entertainment experience you’ll come to know as Be My Guest. Sage Halostar introduces the concept of the show along with samples from several of the musical guests and filmmakers whose work will grace the show.

Be My Guest is a production of PanReality Media, a collaborative media arts company.

In this episode:

Narration: Sage Halostar

Amy Obenski
The Beautiful Losers
Jenn Grinels
TerryLynn Melody

Appearances by:
The Outta The Sandbox Players – AvaJean Westland, Breyda Adored, Corwyn Allen, Kidren Kasshiki, Pipsqueak Albatros, Sage Halostar
Bacchi Cheng
Cheyenne Novo
Cody Smedley
Corky Myrtle
Dianne Davies
Richard Gali

Machinima footage contributed by:
Cheyenne Novo
Corky Myrtle
Shon Charisma (that’s me! lol)


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