A Dance Tribute to Whitney Houston

I have to say I’ve been very sad since Whitney Houston passed. Like Michael Jackson, she was a voice that I grew up with and always stayed close to. From her gospel roots to her more popular work, to hear her voice was to luxuriate in sounds that most people will never be able to replicate. Over the last week, I’ve been listening to a lot of her music, mostly the gospel music. Her roots, steep in her faith, is I think one reason my sadness for her has been so deep. I know she loved the Lord, and I know He loved/s her right back, and often, I prayed her life would turn around. I can’t really say it didn’t turn around. No, she’s not here and we’ll never be able to see if the upcoming movie Sparkle and future music would have given her the ultimate comeback, but she is with her Father, her Lord, and with him, there is no pain, hurt, or sorrow. She can rest in him, always.

One of my favorite songs that Whitney sings is “Joy to the World”. There is no reason to wait until Christmas to listen to it. I love the fast and slow movements that flow throughout the piece, and when I hear Whitney’s voice with that choir, I hear nothing but sweet joy. It makes me weep, shout, and laugh all at once. I may, ultimately, do a dance for a few more songs of hers that touch me, but I definitely wanted to do this one. Hope you enjoy.


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