Cleaning Out My Closet – February 2012

Hola my peoples! As you all know…I’m a girl who loves clothes…and shoes…and jewelry…and shoes…and shoes again. LOL

SO, I decided to check into my closet, see what I have in there, and don a few wares for you guys monthly. I may sport something new, something old, or something in between. It really depends on the hmmm factor. What’s the hmmm factor? Well, I’m literally rummaging through my closet, trying on ‘fits. If I put on one that makes me go hmmm, then I’ll keep it and go from there.

With that said, this ‘fit I’m sporting I bought maybe a month or two ago (maybe more), and I didn’t even open it. SMH@Self. I initially bought it because I loved the super woman vibe I got with the shirt.

Below the pics, I have info on ‘fit, shoes, hair, and other essentials.

picture one

picture two

picture three

picture four

picture five

picture six

picture seven

picture eight

picture nine


Hair: Yasyn – Venom, Yasyn’s Odds and Ends – Mainstore

Glasses: .< EgOzy >. Shutter Shades Glasses – White, at Market Place

Earrings & Necklace: (EN) Vintage Chic – Gold, Earth’s Bangles @ Market Place

Bracelets: VreMode CatenaGold Bracelet – at Market Place

‘Fit: ::Alter Ego:: SupaGurl Outfit – White, at Market Place

Shoes: N-core INFINITY Xtreme Heel “Apple”, N-core

Skin: LS NAFI SKIN Ultra Dark Special, at Market Place

Poses Used:

Pictures 1-3, animation in the :::TT DESIGNS::: full length mirror

Pictures 4-5, sits in my AO.

Pictures 6-7, from the aDORKable Chill Pose Pack

Picture 8, from the aDORKable Interpretive Pose Pack

Picture 9, from the Empersonate Super Kyoot Pose Pack


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