Loose ~ A Poem Showcased at Sisters in Spirit

A few weeks ago, through Charisma Productions and SiS Films, I premiered my first SL short, Burdens. I’m ecstatic that through my blog, the SiS blog, and YouTube, the movie has gotten a lot of views and so many positive thoughts from viewers! Makes the heart swell with warmth. This week at the SiS site, in honor of Burdens and of laying one’s burdens down, we showcase the poem “Loose.”

Here’s a snippet:

When you do,
What you do,
Where you do,
Why you do,
How you do,
I become loose.

Get your mind out the gutter,
for I’m talking about one
who is like no other,
my Lord, my Savior, my Father.

He took me, a
bad past-reflecting
woman, and He
shook me loose and free
like crisp white sheets
on the line being whipped
by a stiff, spring breeze.

At first, I stood,
defiant, reluctant to
let Him in, but when
He wants in, it’s not up
to you whether the door
opens or not.


Head to Sisters in Spirit now to read the rest of this liberating, soul-releasing poem!

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