Sisters in Spirit Initiative Kicks Off!

If you come to my blog, then you know that I’m a founding member of the faith-based organization Unity Productions, which has been in existence in-world for a year and a half now. What you might not know is that I am spearheading a new leg of UP called Sisters in Spirit.

SiS Logo

Sisters in Spirit (SiS) takes part of its mission from that of Unity Productions: to bring the word of God alive. Whereas UP does this through skits, full-length staged productions, song, dance, and music for everyone, SiS aims to provide bite-sized, faith-based works and discussions aimed toward women. Today, more than ever, women need to bond, uplift each other, and restore the worth that being a child of God entitles them. Sisters in Spirit hopes to assist in this endeavor by offering the following: SiS Podcasts, Short SiS Skits and Movies, Poetic/Musical Meditation Videos, and Occasional Talks and Discussions aired as SiS Talk.

The SiS initiative kicks off today with a wonderful podcast by UP Founder and SiS Advisor Maria Brown-Rice (Pet Karu, in SL) that talks about celebrating sisterhood–the whole purpose of starting SiS in the first place.

Please take the time to check out our first of what we hope to be many projects developed under Sisters in Spirit. You can find the podcast at the SiS blog.


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