My First Experience with 48-Hour Film Project

For the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of interning with storyteller and educator Corky Myrtle in world. I’ve been attending The Actor’s Sandbox [slurl], of which Corky is a co-facilitator. The Actor’s Sandbox is a workshop for actors (and independent producers) that takes place every Wednesday. I get the double fun of watching actors perform monologues and scenes and as intern, I help to film the sessions.

I guess I made an impression with Corky because he asked me to play a role in his 48-Hour Film Project crew. All I knew before the start of it was that I would be filming scenes. I thought, Hecky yeah! And immediately got geared up to participate.

September 16-18, we filmed and put together our film, A Model Situation.

It was an awesomely wonderful and tiring experience. Friday, we learned of the rules for the film, got together, talked about who would be doing what, looked at a few locations, began talks on dialogue, and organized ourselves for the major work to come down the pike on Saturday.

And major work is truly an understatement. The crew practically lived on Skype and SL on Saturday. I had both running for about 12 straight hours before I made note of that to the crew and both crashed!

During this time, people worked on the script, me and Corky filmed shots, cut shots, and got them all together for the tedious process that Corky would deal with of editing the film on Sunday. From about 9 a.m. Saturday to about 5 a.m. Sunday (btw, that’s about 20 hours), I was in-world, filming, talking, laughing, and immersing myself in the technicalities of the project.

By the time I passed out Sunday morning, I was happy and exhausted. I was a little slow getting back up on Sunday, but when I did, the day was spent with Corky offline a lot doing the editing and me being sent to a few spots to capture room sounds, get in a few more shots and scenes, and get all my material cut and sent to Corky while the actors recorded their lines that morning for the film.

It was night-time by the time we were able to see a raw look of the film, and I was SO happy and proud to have been a part of it.

Learned there is going to be a screening of all machinima entered in the machinima section of 48HFP on October 1, 2011 at 3 p.m. SLT. Once I have a SLURL, I will pass it on. I plan to go and look like a star while there. *chuckle* Once the film premieres, I will hook it up here for you all to see–unless you make it to the premiere to see it there first.

This experience has definitely pushed me in a direction toward something I really want to pursue. I’ve been in world for about two years come next month, and in that time, I’ve dabbled in a few things. The only two that really stuck was my writing and connection with The SL Enquirer and my being a founding member of the faith-based theater group Unity Productions. Now, I know that filming in world is something I want to grow with and see where it takes me. Already got ideas and am planning somethings–more on THAT later!


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