Shon, the Puppet

Lately, I have been digging being a puppet. Been buying dolly dresses, a lot of steam punk ‘fits, picked up a puppet AO and puppet strings and have just been having at it. I even did the Air Puppet video that had me don my strings and a steam punk dress I love a lot. Been wanting to get some fancy-smancy pics taken of me in some of my dolly, steampunk gear. Hope to get some done soon. And you know as soon as I have pics, you will see pics.

Hair: Sweet Iris Hair, sold by Precious Restless @ Marketplace

Dress: [Wishbox] Crush (Ice Cream), sold by Wisp Jinn @ Marketplace [FYI, shoes come with it, and also it’s a lingerie garter set, too]

AO: SLC Puppet AO SET [Body Language by SLC], sold by manmoth Nishi @ Marketplace

Strings: Marionette Doll Puppet Strings, sold by Anara Aeon @ Marketplace


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