Playing with Machinima ~ Beyonce’s “Run the World”

Be warned…I am NOT a machinimatographer….yet. LOL I have filmed stuff going on in SL but still don’t think any of it’s good (because it’s not). Kinda like how I felt when I decided I wanted to write and never called myself a writer.

Well, I decided to jump in and learn a thing or two about machinima, and right now, I am an intern, learning with Corky Myrtle and other great people that he has come in contact with. Every Wednesday, it alternates between 12 p.m. SLT and 6 p.m. SLT, I meet him and The Actor’s Sandbox group. There, people act scenes and we learn a thing or two about voice acting and acting in SL. I’m there mostly to film and learn about machinima.

Below is my first attempt (like I said, I’ve “filmed” before, but yeah, I’m actually trying now, lol) at a piece solo. It’s a filming of me, my daughter Nevaeh, and my goddaughter Diamond dancing to Beyonce’s “Run the World.” It’s grainy, and I didn’t have good camera spots (was still learning to work my hud – lol), but I did the choreography, and that’s damn good. LOL


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