The Charismas Get a New Home

It seems like every day, I’m getting a new baby in the house–and not mine! I have had my children, thank you very much. From children to grandchildren and all the friends of those just mentioned (well, the ones I allow on the homestead), it was time to get an even bigger house than the one we had. So, me and my daughter Saphire went house shopping, and I found this uber-adorable house: the Riviera Volenna from DIAL LTD. Homes and ELG Land Store.

The house came fully loaded with some pretty great furniture, but we took out some to add our own personal touches.

The house, fully loaded, is a little over 800 prims. Without the “fully loaded” a little over 500 prims. It has four bedroom with an optional fifth, a living room, den, sitting area, large kitchen, two bathrooms, balcony, and spaces for washer and dryer.

I love it, and I think it might be the house we stay in for a while. If we get more grandchildren, I think we’ll have to just put up an additional house. LOL After the trials and tribulations with this one (I messed up the house trying to take down a picture–make sure you’re not taking down a section of the house, too), I’m keeping this one up for a good long while.


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