The Building of a Family ~ Latest Palais SL Magazine Article

Woot Woot. The March 2011 issue of Palais SL Magazine is live, and I have to say, it is a GREAT issue. Just reading through all the goodies we have for you guys made me proud to say I’m a Palais SL Reporter, 🙂

In this issue, I wrote an article title, “The Building of a Family.” Anyone who has been on SL for some time will notice that many people have families–mothers, fathers, children, grandchildren, etc. And it’s not just about the traditional familial definition of family either. Even I have a family (well several, actually), and it grows every day as my children have children and add to the brood. I even have a great grandchild…didn’t even have to age to get her! This idea of family was interesting to me, and so I talked to a few people who have families in SL to ask about its appeal. Check it out, and if you have a family in SL, share your thoughts about the experience! My article starts on page 52. Here’s the [LINK] to the issue at


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