Going to a Lingerie Party…Pics

Well, I get onto Second Life yesterday, and I got an IM and a note about a party to introduce a new line of lingerie. The owner of the company found me through SL Enquirer, checked out my profile, and thought I looked like fun (and I am, *smirk*), so I got an invite. When I learned there was a best-in-lingerie contest, I knew I had to try out some and figure out what to wear. And well, by now y’all know me…I like a picture. To my friends, I am the paparazza. LOL So, I chilled in one of my secret locations, changed into some lingerie, and took some pics. Which ‘fit did I decide to wear? Well, needless to say, when I go to this event tomorrow (well, later on today from 4 to 8 SLT), there will be pictures taken. You’ll find out later, LOL

If you want to know more about the event, let me know.

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