Sexy Sexy Boo-oots!

I have been SLACKING, and I SO apologize.

A shoenista has to always be on top of her game, and although I have been buying new shoes, I have not told you what I BOUGHT! LOL Shame on me.

For the last few months, I’ve been a boot buyer, and I want to show you a few pairs of the hot boots I’ve recently snagged.

I was on Marketplace (a shopper’s dream if ya hate lag, lol), and I saw an image for these Shearling boots and DROOLED. MAITREYA GOLD has them, and needless to say, I bought five of their colors: midnight, choco, black, army, and rust. They are a bit pricey, but the detail in them is phenomenal and I’m not even sure the real life version could look as real and detailed as the SL version–and that’s saying a lot. You can cop them at MAITREYA GOLD; here’s the slurl.

If you need something a bit more sexy, more aggressive, then these Bootgasm Viper Thigh High Boots are the ticket for you. The red is sexy, spicy, and just made the leg look hot! Besides these hot boots, Bootgasm participates in $60L Weekends, and you can often get some enticing boots and apparel for cheap. I just picked up three nice pairs of boots for a total of $180L. Woo Hoo! Check out Bootgasm HERE!

This last pair of boots, when I first saw them, I just bought–didn’t care about the price. The boot itself is just a typical ankle boot, but it’s the dangerous part of the boot that had me hooked and had me hooked to buy a couple more pair of !Drakke! boots. These are the “Dangerous” ankle boots, but I also have a pair with handcuffs on them–very cool, and there are others with musical notes, daggers, and other cool, sexy looks. Check them all out at !Drakke!.

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