So, you think you can be a doctor? Latest SLE Article

If you have checked out any of my SL Enquirer articles, then you know that I like writing about stuff–and by “stuff” I mean any and everything. I’ll hit up a romantic spot, will go up on a roller coaster despite my fear of heights, will go skiing and get into an accident so you can check out the medical facilities…and on and on. I just like doing as many things as possible in SL.

This week, for my latest SLE article, I write about a very cool game, Virtual Medical Doctor. It’s part one of a two-part article; in this article, I talk about what VMD is and go through the initial stages of a trainee who works to become a VMD. I LOVED the space, the training areas, and am uber-excited about going back and making it to the level where I actually jump in and perform a surgery.





Come read my article at SLE and then perhaps join me at Virtual Medical Doctor. A slurl is provided in the article!


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