Two Pieces Appear in Latest Palais Issue

I am in love with the latest issue of Palais Magazine, and know it’s not because I’m featured in it twice, LOL Though that IS tres cool. It seems like every new issue of Palais is taking their game higher, writing the pieces that some mags won’t touch, and expressing opinions that some might feel better to keep in the mind that printed upon the page.

In this issue, I have a creative and a journalistic piece in the magazine. “Death by Woman: A Nicotine-induced Ramble” is short short about a person who loved and lamented over a woman who caused more angst than love. My article “Growing Up Roissy: Tale of Three Galleries,” looks at three popular art galleries that lived on the sim Roissy and their history there. I’ve already seen some of the thoughts about the article and there are people not happy, but as a newbie to the world of SL art, I was unbiased and worked to tell a story from my perspective and not others.

See for yourself; come find me inworld and IM for me a copy of the latest Palais magazine!


Cover of Palais Magazine's October 2010 Issue



I'm a writer AND an editor, 🙂



First page of short-short



First page of article



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