Unity — LIVE on Your TV

Last week, I was on TV: Spotlight TV!

~*Unity*~ was invited to come down to the studio to be interviewed by host Scorpinosis Nightfire and to perform the signature piece of our musical performance, “Come Away My Beloved.”

Needless to say, I was nervous. I wanted us to represent and represent to the FULLEST, and I wanted nothing to keep that from happening.

This was my first time at a studio, and I was in awe of it all–wanted to go find a job application and apply for SOME position at the studio, any position, LOL

We had a nice audience for the live taping, and more came after this picture below:

The crew sat in the audience and awaited our time to shine.

Fearless leaders: Pet Karu (far left) and PsyLynn Quartz (2nd to right)

L to R: Me, Guyguy, and Lukes

Before we performed, Pet and PsyLynn took to the stage to talk with Scorpinosis Nightfire.

After that, it was on! Here are pics of the performance! When the show goes live, and I can snag it, I will post here for you to check out!


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