Shon Charisma: Writer

Well, my life in SL is literally starting to take on a life of its own–and that’s a good thing. Initially, my life was just about having fun, which was cool, but after a while, that gets old. I decided to immerse myself into my life and with the help of my girl and partner-in-crime, agent-manager-publicist-everything MzTee Unplugged, I’m starting to do just that.

One way I’m doing this is by integrating writing into my SL life. I’ve been a writer for a LONG time and have published novels, short stories, essays, articles, poetry, and helped to write/edit a few academic textbooks.

I joined a mess of writing groups and last week, I saw a notice about a one-hour writing jag going on at Milk Wood. I quickly headed over there. I’m on a journey right now to finish my next book by the end of November, so any place where I can meet writers AND write is a Godsend.

As soon as I landed at Milk Wood – Writer’s Meet, I was in love. It’s a beautiful spot full of trees and ponds and blue skies and light that filters through the trees and dances upon the rippling waters of the ponds.

While there, I met nitewanderer Webwyre, who was a great host and helped me get acclimated to the typewriter.

Here are pics of my visit:

I'm over at the right, wearing a white tank top

As you can see, the beauty of my surroundings kept my eyes off the page, LOL

But I do know when to play and when to work: type, type, type.

Play, play, play

LOVE that sunlight

The Writer’s Meet is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 1 p.m. SLT. I went back today and for my hour I wrote the 1,000 words I needed for today–even went a bit over. Decided right then and there that this was a place I needed to come back to in order to absorb the atmosphere and get my write on.

Because of that, I ended up renting one of their little, well, I actually don’t know what to call it, LOL.

Yep, that little spot in the back of my abode is me, LOL

It’s a spot right beside where we all come together and write, and it’s big enough for a chair or two and a table, enough for me to be in the element while I revel in creative spirits.

If you’re a writer and want to meet other writers AND rev up your creative juices, check out Milk Wood [SLURL].


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