An IT Girl’s Crew

Every “It” girl needs a crew, and slowly, but surely, I am building mine.

First on that SC Crew List is my partner-in-crime, my agent-manager-publicist-everything MzTeeUnplugged. She keeps me busy going all over the grid to get my name out there and soon and very soon, it will be. When she’s not doing 50-11 things for me, she is an SL dynamo, running shopping malls, group home for girls, and much, much more. Her latest endeavor, the SL magazine [UNPLUGGED with MzTee] is going live this month. Chocked full of all things lovely about SL, from fashion to music, from books to hot spots, it’s a magazine you don’t want to miss.

Second on that SC Crew List is a chica I recently met, but her talent is so damn bright that I had to say, “Yeah, I’m telling people about you and when I need to look good on camera, I’m hollering at you,” the uber-talented MissPrissy Leakey. She does AWESOME work behind the camera and hooked a sister up with some great pics for my modeling portfolio. Check out her work @ [Flickr].

There might be one or two more people to add to my SC Crew–what more does an It girl need? I got talents waiting to be unleashed, and having good, talented people beside you, behind you to help those talents shine is a MUST.


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