Jammin’ the Night Before the Big Premiere!

Well, I was ready to head to the stage for the last rehearsal before “Come Away My Beloved” premieres tomorrow night, and when I got there, none of my ~*Unity*~ buds were there. Found out they were at INSPIRE SPACE Park jammin’ to great techno while enjoying a light show. There would be no rehearsal tonight. Me being a nervous person, I wanted that last rehearsal, but I think INSPIRE SPACE was the place to go. The light show was out of this world, literally and figuratively, and the music was PUMPING. Co-owner/creator of INSPIRE SPACE, Earth Primbee, put on a kick-ass performance and DjJason Savard worked the tables to keep the music hot.

Here are some pics of us getting our grooves on.

Me and my girl, Psy

Pet and Guy groovin'

My boy Lukes

DJ rockin' it!

Crazy person in the middle? Lukes...

Me about to fly away with the great music

Me strikin' a pose...

And just in case you were wondering if Shon can bust a move, check out this YouTube vid of me closing that case.


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